Pittsburgh Maps

The Historic Pittsburgh Maps Collection comprises several maps series helpful for studying and tracing the physical development and changes in the Pittsburgh area landscape.

City of Pittsburgh Geodetic and Topographic Survey Maps, 1923-1961

Contains 171 plates prepared by the City of Pittsburgh Department of Planning staff. Plates can be browsed from an index map. These maps were prepared by the City of Pittsburgh Department of Planning staff beginning in 1923 and maintained into the 1960s. Relief is shown by contours and spot heights. In addition to contour data, these survey maps depict streets, buildings (and sometimes their names), churches, institutions, cemeteries, mills, parks, schools, railroads, bridges, tunnels, reservoirs, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, development plans, and various landmarks.

Darlington Digital Library Maps

Of the hundreds of maps in this collection, over 70 of them were created in the mid-18th through early-20th centuries and depict Pittsburgh or Allegheny County, including maps of Fort Pitt, plans of Pittsburgh, maps of Pittsburgh and Allegheny cities, Bird's-eye maps of Carnegie, Duquesne, Glassport, Homestead, and other western Pennsylvania cities.

Flood Commission of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1912

The Report of the Flood Commission of Pittsburgh, PA contains the results of the surveys, investigations and studies made by the commission for the purpose of determining the causes of, damage by, and methods of relief from floods in the Allegheny, Monogahela and Ohio rivers at Pittsburgh. The study also commented on the benefits to navigation, sanitation, water supply and water power to be obtained by river regulation. The 14 maps were included in the publication by the Pittsburgh, Murdoch, Kerr & Company in 1912. The survey took place between July-October 1909. In addition to flood level data, these maps depict river depths, land contour, streets, building footprints, railroads, bridges, and various landmarks.

G. M. Hopkins Company Maps, 1872-1940

This online map collection comprises 47 volumes (1,800+ plates) published by the G.M. Hopkins Company for Pittsburgh that show lot and block numbers, dimensions, street widths, names of property owners, churches, cemeteries, mills, schools, roads, railroads, lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. These plat maps cover the greater Pittsburgh area through the years 1872 to 1940.

Warrantee Atlas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 1914

Contains 49 plates that depict the original land grants that settlers of present-day Allegheny County received from the Commonwealth after William Penn and his descendants vested the land to the legislature. The Warrantee Atlas is ordered by township, cities, boroughs, and river beds and islands. It includes the name of the individual who received the grant, the date the land was warranted and surveyed, property dimensions, patent information, and sometimes the name the property was given by the title owner. The online atlas can be browsed by plate number or by the last name of the original owner.