1872 – Atlas of the cities of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and the adjoining boroughs

1872 Map of the Cities of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and the Adjoining Boroughs Index Map 1872p100 1872p118 1872p061 1872p065 1872p067 1872p069 1872p116 1872p114 1872p104 1872p022 1872p110 1872p100 1872p108 1872p112 1872p085 1872p088 1872p077 1872p072 1872p022 1872p015 1872p019 1872p017 1872p029 1872p025 1872p036 1872p043 1872p054 1872p051 1872p058 1872p061 1872p065 1872p067 oakland 1872p092 1872p100 1872p079 1872p082 1872p096 1872p032 1872p040 1872p063

Current neighborhoods, cities, or townships: 
City of Pittsburgh, North Side, South Side