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 Series XXII. Awards, Gifts and Memorabilia, 1950-2007

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Dick Thornburgh Papers, Series XXII. Awards, Gifts and Memorabilia
Thornburgh, Dick, 1932-
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The Awards, Gifts and Memorabilia series in the Dick Thornburgh Papers consists of physical items that he received throughout his distinguished career. While most items pertain to Dick Thornburgh, some are also shared with Ginny Thornburgh, and some are to her alone. Digital reproductions of portions of the collection are available online.

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Dick Thornburgh Papers, 1932- , AIS.1998.30, Archives & Special Collections, University of Pittsburgh Library System

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Gift of Dick Thornburgh, February 27, 1998.

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This series was processed by Nancy Watson, Curator of the Thornburgh Papers, and Amanda Nixon, graduate student.

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  • Memorabilia
  • Plaques (Flat objects)

Geographic Name(s)

  • Pennsylvania -- Officials and employees -- Awards
  • United States -- Officials and employees -- Awards

Personal Name(s)

  • Thornburgh, Dick, 1932- -- Awards
  • Thornburgh, Ginny (Judson) -- Awards


  • Education
  • Government
  • Personal papers
  • Plaques, plaquettes
  • Politics
  • Social action
  • Souvenirs (Keepsakes)
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Women

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Dick Thornburgh Papers, 1932- , AIS.1998.30, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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Collection Inventory

Series  XXII. Awards, Gifts and Memorabilia, 1950-2007 

Scope and Content Notes

This series in the collection consists of awards, gifts and memorabilia that Thornburgh received throughout his distinguished career. While most items pertain to Dick Thornburgh, some are also shared with Ginny Thornburgh, and some are to her alone (the latter are described separately).

There are numerous degrees and honorary degrees, plaques that enumerate accomplishments and important occasions, and many varied awards, certificates, and certifications. Some are more decorative or distinctive than others, and such positive attributes have been enumerated. Having had a twenty-five year public service career, and a subsequent active and ongoing legal career, such presentations and gifts are familiar. They well represent the esteem felt by organizations and individuals for the notable work and contributions to society of both Dick and Ginny Thornburgh. In some cases these items may be the only references to related accomplishments.

The items are arranged by era (e.g., youth, education, ongoing career, etc.) or public service position (Governor, Attorney General of the U.S., etc). Each item description is preceded by format or type of item received: plaque, degree, gift, certificate, photograph, award, certification, poster, proclamation, honorary degree, and Ginny Thornburgh. Many are ideal for displays as well as serving as a source of information.

The item designation “Oversize” followed by a number, refers to a physical location within the archive, and not to the size of the item itself.

Subseries  1. Youth and Education 

Degree: University of Pittsburgh School of Law, June 12, 1957 8
Award: University of Pittsburgh Law Review, “Performed meritorious service as Case Editor” University of Pittsburgh Law Review, March 28, 1957 125
Award: University of Pittsburgh Law Review, Order of the Coif, “High attainments in the study of Law,” June 1957 
Degree: Mercersburg Diploma, June 5, 1950 128
Degree: Yale University: Richard Lewis Thornburgh, Bachelor Degree in Engineering [Framed] June 7, 1954 

Subseries  2. Early Legal Career 

Certificate: Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Admitting Richard Lewis Thornburgh to practice before it, March 17, 1958 18
Certificate: Superior Court of Pennsylvania, Admitting Richard Lewis Thornburgh to practice before it, April 13, 1964 19
Certification: United States of America Western District of PA, Admitted and qualified as an Attorney, Counselor, Solicitor, Advocate, and Proctor, February 13, 1958 125
Certification: American Judicature Society Voting member of and supporter of its program “To Promote the Efficient Administration of Justice”, 1961 
Certificate: American Bar Association Membership, 1962-1963 
Certification: Interstate Commerce Commission Richard L. Thornburgh enrolled and admitted to practice, Signed, certified copy, June 3, 1963 
Pennsylvania Bar Association Certification: Having been elected Member of board of Governors, 1963, Richard L. Thornburgh served with “honor and distinction”, June 23, 1965 

Subseries  3. Campaign for U.S. Congress 

Photograph: Huge hard back photo, c. 4’x6’ Dick Thornburgh, Governor William Scranton, and Lt. Governor Raymond Shafer, 1966 116

Subseries  4. Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention 

Certificate: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Richard Lewis Thornburgh elected delegate to Constitutional Convention of 1966-68, Signed by James A. Michener, Secretary, February 15, 1968 21
Photograph: Panoramic view of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention [Framed: 2’7” x 1’x1/2”], 1967-1968 72

Subseries  5. United States Attorney 

Plaque: Pittsburgh Jaycees Man of the Year [with Point photo], 1975 9
Gift: Framed colored pencil drawing from trial of Tony Grosso, early 1970s, Dick Thornburgh and two other persons in court ca. 1970s 20
Certificate: Richard M. Nixon, President of USA, Appointing Richard Lewis Thornburgh United States Attorney for Western PA, May 19, 1979 22
Plaque: Pittsburgh Jaycees, Saluting “Pittsburgh’s 1975 Man of the Year, Richard Lewis Thornburgh” [With drawing of Point, photo and bio, and other honorees in smaller pictures; back cracked] 25
Gift: Autographed Dept. of Justice Seal 34
Cartoon: Post Gazette Hungerford cartoon, of PA PITT Waving goodbye to Thornburgh: “We will miss you – Dick!” [Thornburgh off to Assistant Attorney General Position in D.C.; Large framed], 1975 74
Flag: Huge flag. Justice emblem on grey background, with United States Attorney above the eagle. 123
Certificate: Squirrel Hill Kiwanis Club… Appreciation, March 16, 1972 125
Proclamation: City of Pittsburgh Honoring Thornburgh’s 40th birthday By Peter Flaherty, Mayor, July 16, 1972 
Award: University and City Ministries Special Award to Richard and Virginia Thornburgh, United States Attorney and Activist for PARC: “Co-workers for human values and Representatives of creative interaction of Church, University and Society”, November 3, 1973 
Certificate: American Bar Foundation, Fellow of American Bar Foundation, 1975 
Award: Lions Club of Pittsburgh, Man of the Year, “...devotion to duty beyond the normal expectations in the fulfillment of responsibilities for the maintaining of a better country for all mankind”, June 4, 1975 
Award: Certificate of Service, Richard L. Thornburgh, United States Attorney, In appreciation and recognition of meritorious services, As member of Attorney General’s Advisory Committee of U.S. Attorneys Signed: Edward H. Levi, Attorney General, July 6, 1975 
Award: Federal Executive Board of US Attorneys: Commendation for outstanding performance as U.S. Attorney, June 19, 1975 
Plaque: Large with photo of Point. “1970 Law 1979, Man of the Year, Richard L. Thornburgh: For Dedicated Community Service, Presented by The Pittsburgh Jaycees, [Top brass plaque scratched. Collection includes photo from the occasion.], January 24, 1971 160
Plaque: Brass lettering plaque only (not the original wooden backing), Fancy looking brass emblem of US Department of Justice, Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs. “Richard L. Thornburgh, United States Attorney, Western District of Pennsylvania, Presented in recognition of your significant personal efforts to help eliminate drug abuse.", June 29, 1973 
Gift: Framed Pencil Drawing of Dick Thornburgh with glasses, unsigned [Nice], 165
Gift: Framed Black and White ink drawing of Attorney General’s Entrance to DOJ, framed in glass [nice] 
Plaque: Variety Club Man of the Year, October 20, 1974 
Plaque: To Richard Lewis Thornburgh, US Marshalls Service, “…for exceptional service”, November 19, 1975 173
Plaque: Chartiers Valley Chamber of Commerce, Man of Distinction Award, 1971 
Plaque: Pittsburgh Business Show, In appreciation, Keynote Speaker, A.S.M. Pittsburgh Chapter, 1977 
Plaque: Citizen of the Year, Pittsburgh Lions Club, 1975 
Plaque: United States Attorney, Greater Latrobe Chamber of Commerce, 30th Annual Meeting, October 21, 1974 
Award: To Richard Lewis Thornburgh Assistant Attorney General U.S. Department of Justice, August 29, 1975  
Award: Mounted badge, DOJ Drug Enforcement Administration, August 29, 1975 
Award: To Richard Lewis Thornburgh Dauphin County Chiefs of Police Association, Guest Speaker, Annual Dinner, February 18, 1978 
Award: Honored by Hempfield Township, October 8, 1977 

Subseries  6. Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division 

Poster: “In Honor of Richard Lewis Thornburgh, United States Attorney 1969-75, Assistant Attorney General, head of Criminal Division, 1975-77” [Dept. of Justice seal in background; three unframed extras] 23
Honorary Degree: Washington & Jefferson College, Doctor of Laws, May 29, 1978 130
Photograph: Attorney General Levi and Assistant Attorneys General 160
Plaque: Shield shaped: Outstanding service to Criminal Division, To Assistant Attorney General Richard Lewis Thornburgh, 1975-1977 
Award: Boxed large gold “coin,” To Assistant US Attorney General, Department of Justice from Philadelphia Bar Association March 11, 1976  167
Award: University of Pittsburgh clear paper weight, Graphic of Law School Building, Building Dedication, Law Day, Richard L. Thornburg [no “h”’] 1976 
Plaque: To Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh, NORTHEASTERN MARYLAND LAW ENFORCEMENT ASSOCIATION: Wooden plaque with mounted wooden billy-club [Plaque loose, in envelope], June 9, 1976 

Subseries  7. Campaign for Governor 

Cartoon: Turtle en route to statehouse, “They laughed when I started,” 1978 2
Cartoon: Grosso for Revenue Secretary 3
Cartoon: Dick Thornburgh a tattered wounded football player, Scoreboard: Thornburgh 39 - Flaherty 51, Thornburgh: “Haven’t you ever heard of momentum” [Time of publication: PA election polls], October, 1978 4
Plaque: In appreciation of Richard L. Thornburgh from Western PA Legislative Council of Construction Employers,[large scratch], October 28, 1977 26
Cartoon: Timenees, Lieutenant Governor Candidate Casey in inner tube behind Flaherty boat: “Let ‘er rip”, July, 1978 41
Poster: Thornburgh photo, “Thornburgh for Governor”. [Fragile wrapping – not protected by cardboard – large], 47
Cartoon: Timenees, Very small meeting with candidate Thornburgh! July 1978 73
Cartoon: Post Primary ‘78, Thornburgh in “white knight” armor Being hoisted up onto elephant by the GOP Primary losers: Watson, Specter, Hager, Marston, and Bob Butera. [Large, framed. Wonderful!], 1978 75
Photograph: Close-up of Dick and Ginny; Ginny has Thornburgh/Scranton campaign button on. [heavy, strong backing; color; nice!] 78
Certificate: Greater Connellsville Chamber of Commerce Appreciation, Thornburgh Speaker at Annual Dinner, September 29, 1977 125
Certificate: Washington Lions Club, Appreciation, Thornburgh Guest Speaker, October 1, 1977 
Certificate: Civil Air Patrol: Richard L. Thornburgh appointed Honorary Member [with emblem] 
Award: Dauphin County Chiefs of Police Association, Guest Speaker, Annual Dinner February 18, 1978 173
Award: Honored by Hempfield Township, October 8, 1977 

Subseries  8. Re-election Campaign 

Two graphic framed small posters: Thornburgh WINS and other Ertel WINS with line through it. 108
Poster: Multiple posters with photo of Governor Thornburgh saying: “Governor Thornburgh He’s making a real difference” 109
Poster: With accomplishments of Thornburgh first term in education, boldly presented 112

Subseries  9. Governor of Pennsylvania 

Cartoon: Thornburgh Fishing for Jobs, Attorney General, President, etc …”fulfilling retirement” 7
Plaque: Triangular name plaque, Republican Governors Association [Elephant Insignia], 1979 10
Photograph: Framed of Ginny and Governor Thornburgh in Governor’s Home in front of fireplace, 1980 27
Certificate: Susquehanna University citation with photograph of the awarding his honorary degree, [Degree itself with other Honorary Degrees], May 22, 1983 37
Award: Crystal sculpture Ben Franklin Technology Champion Award, To Governor Dick Thornburgh, “a man of principle, vision, and leadership.” [Very handsome (and heavy!) original sculpture, designed by Peter Wayne Yenawine. Special light and cleaning instructions in box; provision for electrical spotlighting if natural light not available in separate wrapping; instructions re cleaning etc also there in envelope], March 3, 2003 49
Gift: Two Scrapbooks from Homestead Works, USS: Prepared for Dick Thornburgh visit. A second scrapbook prepared for Ginny Thornburgh visit January 1980. [Preservation concerns but usable and reflect interesting era of steel in Pennsylvania], April 19, 1979 50
Award: Large framed drawing of children, one in wheelchair – with brass plaque: “With gratitude for opening a world of possibilities for children with disabilities, Dick and Ginny Thornburgh, 2003 Betts Award Recipients, You Inspire Us, Achieva” [Very significant award!], June 19, 2003 53
Poster: Bound charts of ads regarding the PA economy Comparing PA with other states. 54
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Lehigh University, October 12, 1980 55
Photo: Dick Thornburgh at Armco Inc [frame dented & tape stuck to front], 1980 56
Plaque: Small Business Advocates of the Year to Dick Thornburgh [Photograph of the Point, scratches], Sept. 18, 1981 57
Plaque: Mercersburg Academy to Dick Thornburgh Commemorates 1983 Ellesmere Island Arctic Expedition, PA flag and photo of explorers, 1'8 1/2"x1'4"x3/4". Flag was carried to memorial service at Pim Island. [Very interesting!] 60
Plaque: Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith to Dick Thornburgh [Pretty glass overlaying drawing, frame dented], June 12, 1980  61
Plaque: Honeywell's Pittsburgh BOSS network to Dick Thornburgh [interesting - drop of oil encased in glass "bubble"], June 20, 1980 62
Award: PA Library Assn. to Dick Thornburgh, October 16, 1984 63
Certificate: President Ronald Reagan to Dick Thornburgh, appointed to Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR), June 16, 1983  64
Photo: Dick Thornburgh speaking in front of TMI towers, ca. 1981 66
Photo: Memorabilia from Inaugural Ball [interesting collage], January 18, 1993 67
Plaque: From New York Water Company To Dick Thornburgh [Piece of 19th century water pipe. Interesting!], 1984 71
Cartoon: By Harsh, Thornburgh in “Three Mile Island Crisis,” pictured as “COOL HEAD OF STATE!” Holds paper: “ Senate Hearings,” three other persons, nuclear expert, Met-Ed, NRC, running with heads off. [Large framed], April 25, 1979 76
Photograph: Matt Ryan, looking over shoulder of Governor Thornburgh. Autographed: “To my Leader – The Governor – Careful, ‘Big Brother’ is watching - [signed] Matt Ryan”. [Ryan was GOP Head PA House of Representatives] 77
Award: “Copper” Adidas shoe on base [heavy]: “Governor Thornburgh in commemoration of one millionth pair of Adidas shoes made in Kutztown, PA” [unboxed], September 1982 79
Award: Tall, handsome wooden horse (c. 20”) carving from Auwaerter Family during visit to Stuttgart, Germany [He Chairman of Board of Neoplan] [Unboxed],  June 5, 1982 80
Award: To Governor “Recipient of Friend of Israel Award” Jewish National Fund [sculpture in shape of Shalom in Hebrew] [Unboxed.], Feb. 2, 1986 81
Award: Colored “icon” print, to Governor Dick Thornburgh and Ginny Thornburgh…by B’nai Brith Lancaster, PA, July 1985 82
Plaque: To Governor Richard Thornburgh, PA Wing Civil Air Patrol [Seal loose], 1980 83
Certificate: Gold seal certificate to Dick and Ginny Thornburgh, Flag Day, Abington, PA, “…selfless service to our Commonwealth…sincere concern for Handicapped…”, June 4, 1982 84
Award: Framed Letter with ribbon and seal,; from James A. Baker III to Dick Thornburgh, re “service to US Savings Bonds program”,  December 11, 1985 86
Plaque: To Governor Richard Thornburgh, from Lodge of Fraternal Order of Police; “…untiring efforts…toward law enforcement…” [elaborate], August 11, 1982 89
Plaque: To Richard L. Thornburgh, Governor, in appreciation from Harrisburg Y.M.C.A. [Photo] 90
Award: To Dick and Ginny Thornburgh, “…first Charter Members of the Friends of the PA Historical and Museum Commission…preservation of our Commonwealth’s Historic Heritage…”, undated 91
Plaque: “Excellent Performance as Governor…outstanding support of Asian- Americans” by SANG IK PARK, Chairman Asian-American Governor’s Dinner, 1982 92
Plaque: Decorative copper panels, To Dick Thornburgh “...for honoring recipients of First Annual Governor’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts, Harrisburg, PA, May 1, 1980 93
Plaque: “To Richard Thornburgh “…outstanding service…” From North City Congress [Elaborate], June 18, 1982 94
Plaque: “Welcome to Richard Thornburgh and best wishes… visit to Los Angeles County, by Board of Supervisors [elaborate], undated 95
Plaque: Wood carving on copper: “…commitment to Veterans…:from Department of Veterans of Foreign Wars; [Small metal plaque loose, taped to back], June 25, 1981 96
Plaque: Honorary membership from American Subcontractors Association of PA, January 1980 97
Plaque: From Greater Erie Community Action Committee: “…effort to assist minority business in Erie…” September 20, 1983 98
Plaque: “…dedication to peace and brotherhood…” from United Korean Association of PA [elaborate], March 13, 1982 99
Plaque: Distinguished service certificate [under ”glass”] “…outstanding service to community state and nation…” From American Legion, 1984 100
Plaque:“…continuing support to betterment of agriculture.” From Farmers Association [elaborate], 1983 101
Plaque: Elaborate, interesting colorful design. From Jewish National Fund; “…woodland planted…in honor of Governor Dick Thornburgh…” Pottstown, King of Prussia Area [Undated], March 10, 1981 102
Gift: Thornburgh Campaign for Governor campaign buttons mounted and framed – each a different country or peoples: Chinese for Thornburgh, etc. [Fun!] 103
Wooden shield shaped award with lettering “ Special Olympics” 104
Gift: LARGE long (c. 8’x10’) banner: “THORNBURGH”. Letters in gold, background blue. [Has grommets so can be easily hung – impressive!] 105
Plaque: Heavy square good looking wooden plaque with round gold metal image of the state capital on it. [Good looking] 106
Photographs: Two framed photos of PAT bus and trolley with Steelers logos on them: from Jim Maloney, chairman of PAT, 1980 107
Poster: Large BOLD framed poster: “Commit a crime with a gun here and you’ve shot 5 years of your life.” “Pennsylvania has a new law. Commit a crime with a gun and you’re in prison for five years. No deals. No parole. No exceptions. Five years in prison. …Pennsylvania Committee for Effective Justice.” 110
Certificate: Framed Gold sealed certificate acknowledging Governor’s assistance with new Bidwell Training Center in Pittsburgh, and photograph, October, 1986 111
Photograph: Framed large color nice formal photograph of Governor, with gold plaque:” Erie Centennial year…Governor Dick Thornburgh in testimony of his outstanding efforts on behalf of PA Veterans and in appreciation for improving quality of life at the PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home.”, Undated 113
Gift: Framed pencil drawing/sketch of Thornburgh. Presented by the city of Farrell, 1983 114
Photographs: Two huge hard back photos, c. 4’ x 6’. Governor in front of TMI Tower (1981) and other of Governor and Ginny informal [really nice], 1979 115
Photographs: For Legacy Brochure [Governor brochure] 1987 119
Photographs : For Legacy Brochure [Governor brochure], 1987 120
Photograph: Thornburgh family photo, seated in Gov’s Home by fireplace 121
Photograph: Formal Governor Thornburgh photo, wearing glasses, ca. 1979 
Photograph: Governor Dick Thornburgh and Ginny by fireplace in Governor’s Home [wearing glasses], ca. 1979-1980 
Photograph: Governor with Cabinet on lawn of Governor’s Home, 1986 
Photograph: Large nicely matted color photo: Governor Thornburgh Cabinet [he's not in picture], November 1984 122
Photographs: Large matted color photographs “Pennsylvania Migrant Education”, May 6, 1985 
Photograph: Large B&W photo poster: Governor “Thornburgh: A Day in the Life,” Express, Short paragraph: “A Capitol Day” [scratch on Governor’s face in one picture but nice overall.], September 18, 1983 
Gift: Huge blue satin “Governor Thornburgh” banner [estimated size 6’ x 12’ from Governor re-elect campaign ‘82 123
Certificate: Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Inc Appreciation “…special concern for the unemployed, underemployed and unemployable Americans…Executive Government Award…”, Undated 126
Certification: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Gold seal signed Teller’s Report, certifying the victories of Thornburgh and Scranton [Same in January, 1983], January 2, 1979 
Certificate: University of Pittsburgh Law Alumni Association, “To Richard L. Thornburgh, distinguished alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, wise counselor, able administrator, tireless prosecutor, ardent advocate of integrity, we hereby extend our highest commendation for the application of your ideals which have contributed to the administration of justice and betterment of government and offer our sincere congratulations on your inauguration this date as the forty-first GOVERNOR OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA”, January 16, 1979 
Certificate: Honorary Sheriffs and Long Rifle Association ….Distinguished list of…, July 4, 1979 
Certificate: Appreciation “…in grateful recognition of outstanding service to PA Vietnam War Veterans.”, November 1, 1979 
Certificate: PA Crime Prevention Officers Association “…appreciation for his outstanding leadership and supportive efforts in the field of crime prevention we …bestow this certificate…conscious of our never ending concern for this commonwealth and its citizens… proclaim, honorary member of PA Crime Prevention Officers Association” (oversized hand lettered certificate), May 13, 1980 
Certificate: Department of the Treasury, USA, U.S. Savings Bond Division appointed DT honorary chairman of PA Savings Bond Committee [recognizing his patriotism, integrity and diligence], April 2, 1979 
Certificate: PA Dept. of Military Affairs Humorous certificate:….Honorary Five Star General, February 8, 1980 
Award: PA Assn. for Retarded Citizens To Dick and Ginny Thornburgh:…recognizes your efforts to enhance the lives of mentally retarded citizens”, February 18, 1980 
Certificate: Borough of Huntingdon “Certificate of Appreciation….in recognition of your outstanding achievement in concluding an agreement with Amtrak to provide rail passengers service, via The Pennsylvanian with scheduled stop at Huntingdon”,  April 26, 1980 
Award: International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners, Inc. Letter of commendation…for your interest and dedication toward fostering what we consider to be the best hope we have of combating the ever increasing crime rates”, May 9, 1980 
Certificate: Appreciation from United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, May 20, 1980 
Certificates: The Travelers Protective Association “Watch That Child Award…for participating in our child safety program”, June 1, 1980 and October 19, 1981 
Certificate: Rotary Club of Harrisburg Honorary Membership Certificate (with gold seal and ribbon) “in recognition of your outstanding career achievements during which you have exemplified adherence to the Rotary ideal of service above self”, August 18, 1980 
Certificate: National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve “Appreciation…for your outstanding leadership, and personal support, which resulted in Pennsylvania exceeding the National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (UCESGR) objectives”, September 13, 1980 
Certificate: PA Retired Public School Employees Association “Appreciation…in recognition of the mature judgment, devoted labor, and unselfish dedication to the promotion of its [the Commonwealth’s] welfare,” September 30, 1980 
Certificate: Route 219 Association, Honorary member, 1980 
Certificate: Travel PA Association, ”Travel Person of the Year – 1980”, 1980 
Proclamation: Commonwealth of PA, Pennsylvania’s 300th birthday Proclaiming Charter Day [2 originals signed by the Governor], March 14, 1981 
Award: IUP Student Government Assn, Commendation for giving time to students, and making Governor honorary member [handsome resolution], October 13, 1981 
Award: PA Citizens for Better Libraries, “Library Citizen of the Year Award…recognition of contributions to development and improvement of library service…and passage of Act 200”, October 15, 1981 
Award: Golden Triangle Association [Pittsburgh] Oversized vellum “Golden Salute” to Richard L. Thornburgh, Governor, and entire PennDOT crews for “undertaking and completing the first phase of the Parkway East reconstruction on time. This cooperation between the public and private sectors reflects outstanding leadership…”, October 28, 1981 
Award: PA Art Education Association, Distinguished Service to Art Education …in recognition of outstanding leadership and support for visual arts education in PA”, February 1982 
Award: PA State Fish and Game Protective Association “Gold Medal Award …to Hon. Dick Thornburgh, Governor…on occasion of the Association’s 100th anniversary celebration…” [Very decorative, handsome, hand letter certificate with ribbons and medal], April 8, 1982 
Certificate: “Flight Certificate to certify that Governor Richard Thornburgh has flown in Marine One as a guest of Ronald Reagan, President of the U.S.A., signed by Presidential Helicopter Pilot, Paul S. Johnston [Decorative], May 17, 1982 
Award: PA Travel Council, Foam backed original poem dedicated to Dick and Ginny Thornburgh and read at the First Governor’s Conference, PA Travel Council, entitled: “PENNSYLVANIA” September 21, 1982 
Certificate: U.S. Small Business Administration Appreciation…in recognition of his emergence as the leader among all the Governors in supporting small business….”, October 6, 1982 
Certification: Commonwealth of PA, House and Senate; Gold seal signed election results, affirming re-election of Thornburgh and Scranton [also see January 1979], January 7, 1983 
Certificate: Commonwealth of PA, “Oath of Office… signed by Dick Thornburgh” on his inauguration day and witnessed by Samuel Roberts, Chief Justice of PA [Oversized], January 18, 1983 
Certificate: Kid’s News team 3, Scenic Hills School, Springfield, PA, Appreciation “…for your cooperation and kindness in allowing Kid’s News interview…” March 15, 1983 
Certificate: Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children Matted, gold decorated “appreciation: …for the personal interest shown in the welfare of our little patients…”, April 19, 1983 
Proclamation: Commonwealth of PA, Governor’s Office Folder enclosed Proclamation “Philadelphia 76ers World Championship Day” signed by the Governor, with gold seal. Gold seal folder cover inscribed by the various players, June 2, 1983 
Certificate: The Parenting Institute, Hand lettered, to Governor and Mrs. Thornburgh on National Family Day, September 19, 1983 
Certificate: Pennsylvania Bible Society 175th Anniversary Observance Appreciation, Century IV Celebration, November 13, 1983 
Award: PA Chiefs of Police, 1983 President’s Award “in recognition of devotion to law enforcement, their community and their fellow man” 
Certificate: Greater Latrobe School District and Senior High School Youth Traffic Safety Council …”for services rendered to its students”, April 24, 1984 
Certificate: Hempfield Area Senior High School “Appreciation… Commencement Address.”, June 4, 1984 
Award: National Association of Water Companies – PA Chapter Annual Award for Excellence [oversized, some hand lettering], June 6, 1984 
Award: American Academy of Pediatrics citation for Outstanding Service as Advocate for Child Safety, June 1984 
Certificates: Paul Harris Fellow: two gold emblem certificates in leather cover [Medals associated are in other boxes] “…in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations between the peoples of the world”, June 1984 
Certificate: Control Data Institute [Copy replaced original - mildew problem] Certificate of graduation…has complete the Control Data Institute..and hereby designated an Honorary Computer Technician”, September, 1984 
Certificate: Department of the Treasury, USA Leather folder enclosed elaborate certificate and seal of the US “…special confidence in patriotism, integrity, and diligence” of Dick Thornburgh, member U.S. Savings Bond Committee”, December 12, 1984 
Certificate: Children’s Hospital, Certificate of thanks, 1984 
Award: City of Albuquerque, Gold seal Executive Order... naming distinguished visitor Hon. Dick Thornburgh for his “…outstanding leadership in his two terms as Governor and for his contributions to the quality of life in his beloved state… and March 29 as Governor Dick Thornburgh Day”, March 29, 1985 
Award: The Franklin Institute President’s Citation “ recognition of his contributions to the support of scientific and technological development…improvement of science education…specifically the establishment of the Benjamin Franklin partnership…”, April 17, 1985 
Award: Polish Freedom Fighters Honorary Membership Citation “in recognition of outstanding patriotic leadership, extraordinary Christian heroism in the battle against communist conspiracy and contributing to the cause of Freedom and Peace”, May 28, 1985 
Certificate: City of Harrisburg, All America City Partnership Award [gold seal certificate signed by Mayor Stephen R. Reed], June 5, 1985 
Certificate: Hogar Crea, Internacional of Puerto Rico Certificate of Recognition to Governor “for your spontaneous endorsement of the high and noble principles of our movement…humanitarian support…on behalf of the thousands of addicts who are benefiting from the services of our institution, we thank you,” [colorful], March 3, 1984 
Certificate: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, “Order of the Paul Revere Patriots”…proclaims Governor and Mrs. Richard L. Thornburgh true Paul Revere Patriots,” [Oversized, colorful, gold seal, certificate signed by Governor Michael Dukakis, and noted “Dick, you are one of us! Mike”],  July 10, 1985 
Certificate: Wilkes College appreciation “…his initiation of and continued support of the cooperation between higher education and industry”, Undated 
Certificate: Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, Governor as Lifetime Member of the Club, January 22, 1986 
Award: Congress of Russian Americans, Commemorative Medal celebrating the millennium of the conversion of Russia to Christianity to The Honorable Dick Thornburgh ”…in appreciation of his efforts in promoting the cause of the Orthodox Religion…” [Oversized vellum hand lettered notable item], March 23, 1986 
Proclamation: City of New Castle, To Governor Richard Thornburgh who has been a friend and advocate for interests which affect Western PA and New Castle, in particular….proclaim April 30, 1986 as a day in honor of Governor Richard Thornburgh “for his many contributions to the betterment of life for the citizens of New Castle and the Commonwealth of PA”, April 30, 1986 
Award: County of Lawrence, Resolution: designating Governor Richard L. Thornburgh Day in Lawrence County “…reduced state deficit…Passage of Welfare Reform… Economic Development Strategy…recognition world-wide for the calm manner in which he dealt with the Three Mile Island nuclear plant…gratitude…”, April 30, 1986 
Award: PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home, Erie, PA Gold seal “salute” to Governor, on occasion of one hundredth anniversary “…in recognition of your outstanding efforts on behalf of PA Veterans…expressing our admiration and respect…wish you good health, success and happiness…”, September 24, 1986 
Award: Commonwealth of PA Dept. of Public Welfare: Gold seal “Citation for Meritorious Service” conferred upon Dick and Ginny Thornburgh “in appreciation for exceptional contributions to the Office of Mental Health, and to the mental health program of the Commonwealth” Signed by Secretary Walter Cohen, and Deputy Secretary for Mental Health Scott Nelson, M.D, 1979-1987 
Certificate: National Association of Public Television Stations, “With thanks and appreciation…for your leadership in supporting vitally needed appropriations... your commitment to the use of public television… leadership that PA provide to other states…our continuing commitment to preserving and extending public television…”, [Oversized hand letter vellum certificate] Undated  
Certificate: American Water Works Association, Governor certified member of, Undated 
Certificate: Scotland School for Veterans’ Children, Scotland, PA, Gold seal certificate…Life Member of, Undated 
Award: Corry Area High School, Special Appreciation Award…courtesy shown to the students of Corry the past seven years…”, undated 
Certificate: Eastern Regional Council on Welfare Fraud Certificate…member in good standing and subscribes to promote efficient and effective means to prevent, detect, eliminate, and prosecute welfare fraud…honorary lifetime”, Undated 
Award: Yale Club of Pittsburgh, “Distinguished Alumni Award…outstanding service to the community”, May 20, 1987 
Award: Trees for Israel, Encapsulated multicolored recognition of planting of 100 trees in honor of Governor Dick Thornburgh, planted by George Kotts, undated  
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, LaSalle College, May 13, 1979 128
Honorary Degree, Doctor of Laws, Bucknell University, June 3, 1979 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Gettysburg College, January 22, 1980 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Public Administration; Villanova University, April 15, 1980 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, St. Francis University [Includes a framed plaque presentation of the citation], May 4, 1980 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Public Administration Susquehanna University, May 22, 1983 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Widener University, May 21, 1983 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Public Service, University of Pittsburgh [Additional smaller scroll], April 29, 1984 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Ursinus College [Additional citation], May 18, 1986 
Honorary Degree: Lincoln University, Doctor of Laws, May 6, 1979 130
Honorary Degree: Temple University, Doctor of Laws, [Citation, degree missing], May 24, 1979 
Honorary Degree: Bucknell University, Doctor of Civil Law, June 3, 1979 
Honorary Degree: College Misericordia, Doctor of Laws, May 3, 1980 
Honorary Degree: Wheaton College, Doctor of Laws, May 30, 1981 
Honorary Degree: Lafayette College, Doctor of Laws, May 30, 1982 
Honorary Degree: Indiana University of PA, Doctor of Laws, May 14, 1983 
Honorary Degree: Drexel University, Doctor of Laws, June 4, 1983 
Honorary Degree: Gannon University, Doctor of Laws, May 5, 1985 
Honorary Degree: Spring Garden College, Doctor of Laws, October 6, 1985 
Plaque: Sibletown Project Reunion Planning Committee, Inc: Community Service Award, June 16, 1979 135
Plaque: PA State Assoc of Township Commissioners, June 18, 1979 
Plaque: PA Assn. of Mutual Insurance Cos: “exemplary leadership during the unique crisis resulting from TMI accident, June 19, 1979 
Plaque: County Detectives Assn. Distinguished Public Service Award (United States Attorney, Assistant Attorney General, & Governor), [nice drawing of Governor] 
Plaque: Main Line Chamber of Commerce, “in appreciation”, October 25, 1979 
Plaque: Carmichaels Chamber of Commerce, to Governor and Mrs. Thornburgh for visiting The Coal Region at Carmichaels, November 8, 1979 
Plaque: U.S.S. Fairfax County, “Great Lakes Cruise” 1979 
Plaque: USS Oliver Hazard Perry, “Great Lakes Cruise”, 1979 
Plaque: Destroyer Squadron, “Great Lakes Cruise”, 1979 
Plaque: Cartoon, Dick Thornburgh, broom in hand, “sweeping PA clean” with Father History, January 16, 1979 
Plaque: Germantown Republican Club Lincoln Award: “…Republican who has consistently shown attributes of dedicated leadership, unswerving devotion to the betterment of mankind and a concern for the plight of common man as exemplified by Abraham Lincoln”, February 12, 1979 136
Plaque: From Rear Admiral Carl A. Brettschneider, USNR, in appreciation for strong support of the US Navy, March 13, 1979 
Plaque: American Correctional Association, in Philadelphia, “Distinguished Service Award” August 19, 1979 
Plaque: Concord Conferences, “Personal leadership in helping to involve new young professionals into the Republican Party”, 1979 
Plaque: “Sign,” Member of BIG SHOP Homestead Works, US Steel– perhaps a sort of license plate, undated 
Plaque: Military Affairs: PA Army and Air National Guard, “Honorary Five Star General”, February 8, 1980 137
Plaque: PA Crime Prevention Officers Association, May 13, 1980 
Plaque: United Negro College Fund Volunteer Service Award, “…untiring efforts on behalf of higher education for minority students”, October 10, 1980 
Plaque: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, to “People of the Commonwealth of Pa”, 1980 
Plaque: Koninkluke Nederlandse, 1980 
Plaque: Berks County Coordinating Council, Friend of Education, 1980 
Plaque: Central Pa. Blood Bank [rescue dog image on plaque], 1980 
Plaque: In Commemoration of the granting of the charter from the King of England to William Penn on March 14, 1681. Gavel on base “from a 300 year old William Penn Oak Tree at Longwood Gardens, Presented to Governor Richard Thornburgh,” [Especially interesting], March 14, 1981 138
Plaque: Jewish National Fund’s 80th anniversary, June 10, 1981 
Plaque: 1st Highland Watch of PA, September 1, 1981 
Plaque: LRT Subway Ground-Breaking, Allegheny County [plaque with small shovel and subway ticket], October 19, 1981 
Plaque: Department of Environmental Resources, Decade of Service, 1971-1981 
Plaque: Northwest PA IYDP, International Year of Disabled Persons, 1981 
Plaque: Celebration of PA’s 300th anniversary by Cutlery Company, Bradford, PA. [Has open knife blades and shaped like PA] 
Plaque: National Governor’s Conference, by NJ State Police, 1981 
Plaque: American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor… acknowledge the Prisoner of War License Plates issued by PA, undated 
Plaque: Student Advisory Board, Student Awareness Day, “in recognition of his continued support of student concerns”, May 6, 1981 139
Plaque: Scranton Long Term Care Center “…for his efforts on behalf of the elderly and disabled,” September 17, 1981 
Plaque: Pennsylvania’s 300th Birthday, Athens-Sayre/ South Waverly, September 1981 
Plaque: American Subcontractors Association of PA, “Blueprint for Progress,” November 1981 
Plaque: Lehigh Valley N-6 Rebuilt, Sayre Shop, from Valley Railroad Association, Sayre, 1981 
Plaque: Celebration of Chanukah, Yeshiva Academy of Harrisburg, 300th Anniversary of PA 
Plaque: Northwestern PA Chiefs of Police, “…special effort in crime prevention…”, May 1981 
Plaque: PA Association of Municipal Transportation Authorities, April 8, 1989 140
Plaque: PA Elks State Association…for outstanding leadership, foresight, and initiative in programs that guide the youth …in worthy goals and ideals,” 
Plaque: APSCUF Special Award re creation of State System of Higher Education, SB 506, November 12, 1982 
Plaque: Jewish War Veterans…Richard Thornburg[h missing], 1982 
Plaque: To Dick Thornburgh “Champion of Local Government,” 1982 
Plaque: Catholic War Veterans, “Man of the Year”, 1982 
Plaque: Minority Input Committee…”your contributions to Minority Business Development”, 1982 
Plaque: Highway Builder, Spring 1982 141
Plaque: Republican Dick Thornburgh Dinner, March 5, 1982 
Plaque: City of Williamsport, June 11, 1982 
Plaque: PA Cemeteries, June 1982 
Plaque: PA Association of County Drug and alcohol Administrators, July 29, 1982 
Plaque: Sponsor Ducks Unlimited, Misty Marsh Chapter, September 10, 1982 
Plaque: PA School Boards Association, October 13, 1982 
Plaque: Penn Woods, 300th PA Anniversary, December 1982 
Plaque: Commemorative collection of PA seals 
Plaque: Disabled Veterans, October 1, 1982 
Plaque: Certificate Of Appreciation: Hon Dick Thornburgh “outstanding and dedicated service to all veterans” Carlisle Post 101, March 1983 142
Plaque: Dedication of Tulio Convention Center, Dick Thornburgh Governor, Erie [Picture of building], June 7, 1983 
Plaque: To Governor Thornburgh “Our friend in PA whose personal involvement made possible the selection of Pocono Mt. Industrial Park as new center for Charles of Ritz Group, October 20, 1983 
Plaque: To Dick Thornburgh, Governor, in “appreciation of support of Montage All-Season Sports Area as Economic and Community Asset…Lackawanna County…”, 1983 
Plaque: To Governor Dick Thornburgh at 20th Anniversary Reception of Community College Act of 1963 
Plaque: Poem “The Wheel” “Warped Wheel” To Ginny and Dick Thornburgh, United States Attorney 206 1-4 [?] 
Plaque: To Dick Thornburgh, “Minister of God”…for you and your family….PA Ministers Seminar, 1982 
Plaque: American Legion Citation of Appreciation..Gov Dick Thornburgh…outstanding service and assistance to economic well-being of veterans and goals of National Economic Commission of American Legion,” 1983 
Plaque: To Dick Thornburgh Governor, “outstanding dedication to veterans in expansion of State Veteran’s Homes, Wilkes-Barre, PA, June 21, 1984 143
Plaque: Cross Stitched Amish Buggy, Allensville, June 22, 1984 
Plaque: Distinguished Service Award re Minority Business Development, to Dick Thornburgh, Governor, from Regional Minority Purchasing Council Central PA, September 26, 1984 
Plaque: Pittsburgh, Red Rock & Keystone Job Corps Centers …Governor Dick Thornburgh…for support of Job Corps, October 4, 1984 
Plaque: Wooden plaque carved with “Old Main”, Geneva College, for participation in inauguration of President McFarland, October 27, 1984 
Plaque: To Governor Dick Thornburgh from International Fellows of US Army War College, class of ’84 [national eagle looking emblem on metal plate] 
Plaque: PA League of Urban Schools…Governor Dick Thornburgh…recognition of Distinguished Contributions to PA Basic Education, March 26, 1985 144
Plaque: Governor Dick Thornburgh…in recognition of his sympathy and support in our cause to maintain the memory of the Holocaust, by Assn. of Jewish Holocaust Survivors in Philadelphia, April 16, 1985 
Plaque: Meritorious award…Governor Dick Thornburgh… re soil conservation, April 1985 
Plaque: Governor Dick Thornburgh…grateful appreciation for efforts to protect our communities and our children, by PJOA [PA Juvenile Officers Assn.], September 1985 
Plaque: PA School Boards Assn….special educational award and recognition…Governor Dick Thornburgh….leadership in “Turning the Tide” toward excellence in public Schools, October 16, 1985 
Plaque: To Hon Dick and Ginny Thornburgh…their significant contributions and outstanding leadership in promoting delivery of community mental health and mental retardation services…PA Assn. of Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Providers, October 18, 1985 
Plaque: American Shaw Festival 1985 Coghlan Award to Hon Dick Thornburgh…outstanding support of and Contributions to artistic and cultural life of PA, October 18, 1985 
Plaque: Citizens for the Arts in PA, to Governor Dick Thornburgh and Ginny Thornburgh…contributions to quality of life of all Pennsylvanians …extraordinary support and encouragement of the arts and cultural institutions, Harrisburg, October 1985 
Plaque: Autographed photograph of submarine USS Pittsburgh SS N720, commissioned 23 Nov 85, to Governor Dick Thornburgh, Signed by Commanding Officer [two plaques] 
Plaque: Family of the Year Award to Governor & Mrs. Thornburgh by ARC, 1985 
Plaque: Keystone Twirlers Special Award, Hon Dick Thornburgh…appreciation for dedicated support of youth of our state, September 1985 
Plaque: Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission, “…support for the Juvenile Court and a commitment to Children and Youth” 145
Plaque: North Penn Valley Boys’ Club “Honorary Board of Directors” 
Plaque: Honorary Greyhound Driver 
PA Seal: Pennsylvania State Governor: Hon. Richard L. Thornburgh 
Plaque: Delta Air Lines: “…a Flying Colonel of the Delta Fleet” in support of the air transportation industry 
Plaque: National Tom Mix Festival, DuBois, PA to “Governor Thornburg” [no “h”] 
Plaque: Israel Chebrat-Neurim 
Plaque: Advisory Scan, Dick Thornburgh…special guest.. text re renewing economy… 
Plaque: Idaho Park Foundation: “…entitles holder to 1 square inch of Dollar Mountain at Elkhorn in Sun Valley, Idaho…” 
Gifts: [to be given BY Governor: samples], Small porcelain plate with PA seal, Small “You’ve got a Friend in PA” lapel pin, Parker pen with Governor’s signature, in box with PA seal and Governor signature 146
Gift: Silver PA Tercentenary Medal, 1681-1981, with PA Seal, From Matt Ryan, speaker of PA House of Representatives; one of a series of 400, October 5, 1981 
Gift: Ceremonial key to Allentown, PA. 
Gift: Scaled down heavy miniature steel beam: “USS, tapped 4-24-81, 1st Heat – 2nd Century/ Homestead Works” [See others from US Steel Homestead Works] 
Gift: Red velvet encased bronze medal inscribed : “March of Peace toward the 21st century: The World Peace Cultural Festival, August 14, 1983 
Gift: Boxed sterling silver Franklin Mint medal and stand "United Nations 1981 Peace Medal" 
Gift: Red, white, blue ribbon suspended Medal: “Edinboro University, 29th National Wheelchair Games”, June 11-15, 1985 
Gift: Black boxed gold Franklin mint Medal: “The Temple Centennial, 1894-1984" 
Gift: Royal blue boxed gold badge on ribbon: “PA. Police Combat Ass’n” 
Gift: Brown boxed small paperweight: “Neoplan, United States Attorney Corporation, Plant VI, 6-6-85 Honey Brook, PA” 
Gift: Small clear paperweight: “Temple University Hospital Groundbreaking: March 8, 1983” with small celebratory shovel encased, March 8, 1983 
Gift: Another similar clear paperweight: “Phoenix Contact Groundbreaking,” July 13, 1984 
Gift: Clear boxed distinguished service metal pin: “American Legion” 
Gift: Small clear paperweight containing “The PA Lottery daily number ticket: Number 666” – famous due to fraud later identified! [This may be the original ticket (?)], April 24, 1980 
Gift: Black leather case enclosed gold medal on ribbon from Lion’s Lodge and inscribed on reverse: “Presented to Richard Thornburgh, Governor of Pennsylvania by Joseph L. Wroblewski, President 1985-6” 
Gift: Boxed bronze “Space Columbia medallion; Rockwell International; Shuttle Orbiter; America’s Space Transportation System” 
Gift: Small clear paperweight enclosing a shot gun shell (?), with small plaque: “Governor Thornburgh/The One And Only!/NH8F Day, 1982/Buss Peters” 
Gift: Interestingly boxed stand with clear plaque with coin, “In commemoration of your Visit / Han Kyu Kim, President of Holt Children’s Services, Inc.”, March 11, 1985 
Gift: Boxed rather fragile award from “Girl Scout Council, Inc., 1979”; Piece of Talus Rock on marble base; to Governor Richard Thornburgh. 
Gift: Marble paperweight with bronze Medal: Delaware Valley College, brass plate: “Student Center Groundbreaking,” September 11, 1982 
Gift: Red “American” box containing miniature tools, and note from “a coal miner” from Spangler, PA. Small pick and shovel, 1980 
Gift: Brass small “card” inscribed: “Volunteer Fire Association of Cambria County: This certifies that Governor Thornburgh is a LIFE MEMBER of the above association,” September 28, 1981 
Gift: Pewter heavy round medal from Allegheny Valley Hospital, in blue cloth bag, November 11, 1983 
Gift: Boxed medal on pin with ribbons: “Honored Guest, Dick Thornburgh, Governor of PA, 1984 Republican National Convention” 
Gift: Blue boxed brass medallion: Western Connecticut State University / Governor Dick Thornburgh, CONEG, 1985 
Gift: Two velvet boxed Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow medallions, with chains; one received June 1984, from the Rotary Club of York, PA. Other of unknown date. 
Gift: What looks to be base only of an award: Presented to Governor Dick Thornburgh in appreciation of his visit to Erie on the occasion of the first presentation of the GOVERNORS CUP TROPHY,“We Love Erie,” Louis J. Tullio, Mayor, August 24, 1979 
Gift: Metal Idaho License Plate: “PA – GOV, Governors’ Conference, 1985 
Gift: Metal License Plate: “Governor Thornburgh, Pennsylvania, Republican Governors’ Conference, Philadelphia, 1980 
Gift: Small gold coin: Disabled American Veterans 50th : 1932-1982; Greater Pittsburgh Dept of Pa, Chapter 8 [in envelope] 
Gift: Small wooden plaque: Governor’s Timber Conference, 1983 147
Gift: Great Lakes Governors Economic Summit [large & heavy], May 1983 
Gift: Penn State University Nittany Lion “statue” on base, “Governor Thornburgh A Friend of Agriculture” 
Gift: Lion’s Club International: Clear paperweight with lion inside, 1984-1985 
Gift: Anthracite plaque picturing mule pulling coal car, “Governor Dick Thornburgh,” [interesting], 1982 148
Gift: U.S. Steel Homestead works; heavy steel plinth “sculpture,” 1979 
Gift: National Association of Water Companies Award for Excellence to Governor Dick Thornburgh [heavy], June 6, 1984 
Gift: Brass Sherlock Holmes figure on plinth: “To Governor Dick Thornburgh, for outstanding service…to motivate youngsters to read while raising funds for MS research and patient services,” September 1981 149
Gift: Valley Forge Country, Convention and Visitors Bureau “Hats off Award” to Governor Dick Thornburgh [funny], 1986 
Gift: Bronze fallen horse figure on base, “Gaudenzia Outstanding Achievement Award to Governor and Mrs. Thornburgh” [remarkable], April 23, 1983 
Gift: Handsome ceramic name plate framed in wood; “Governor and Mrs. Richard L. Thornburgh” 150
Gift: Small bronze train on wooden base: Altoona, PA, April 24, 1982 
Gift: Proctor Silex toaster on wooden base: Honorable Richard Thornburgh [nifty], June 20, 1979 
Gift: Chapman Quarry Slate with Indian figure embossed, September 18, 1986 
Gift: Mirrored PA shaped award “To Governor Dick Thornburgh, a great Governor, who gets things done!”; From Nate [Smith], 1978-1986 
Gift: Boeing Model 234 Helicopter, Governor Richard L. Thornburgh [Very interesting, and rather large], May 1, 1986 151
Gift; Armco Tubular Division: Metal tube on base [pencil and pen holder], November 1981 
Gift: Anthracite figure of coal miner, on base, Awarded by King Coal Association [poignant figure], November 8, 1979 
Gift: Infrastructure Award for “foresight and leadership… toward rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure” Constructors Assn. of W. PA, January 17, 1986 152
Gift: “…For commitment to and support of excellence in education” Aldan Elementary School, January 23, 1986 
Gift: …For outstanding contribution to 1986 Florida Republican Candidates, August 12, 1986 
Gift: PA American Legion Patriots Award, July 11, 1986 
Gift: Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce… outstanding service and accomplishments [background picture of the city], January 5, 1987 
Gift: Society of Undergraduate Engineers at University of Pittsburgh Johnstown, “First Engineer of PA”, 1986 
Gift: United Veterans Council of Philadelphia… distinguished public service award, “…for unique public service as US Attorney General and Governor…” [they must be referring to his years as US Attorney of W. PA not AG], Nov. 11, 1986 
Gift: Appreciation…welcoming speaker…Convention of PA League of Cities, June 1986 
Gift: Small framed medal picturing signing of Declaration of Independence on occasion of 200 anniversary by Independence Hall Association [nice] 153
Gift: Pewter Liberty Bell 
Gift: Groundbreaking of Bidwell Training Center, illustration, March, 19, 1985 
Gift: Bicentennial flag in honor of the Constitution of the US celebration for 1987 [From the designer] 
Gift: “License Plate,” National Governors Association, Grand Lake, Oklahoma, 74th annual meeting, “’THORNBURGH’ Pennsylvania”, 1982 
Gift: Faucet and Pipe on marble base, Effluent Treatment Facilities Dedication, To Governor Dick Thornburgh [nifty], September 30, 1982 
Gift: Heavy white brick: “Center lane Brick, Squirrel Hill Tunnel, PA Department of Transportation, District 11-0, Parkway East Rehabilitation, 1981-1982 
Gift: Pelican Ceramic Statue with base: “Governor and Mrs. Dick Thornburgh, Republican Governors Conference, New Orleans, LA, FRAGILE, 1981 154
Plaque: Lehigh County Republican Committee, Governor Dick Thornburgh, “…outstanding 8 Years of service as Governor 1979-1987” 155
Plaque: Governor Dick Thornburgh “Time, Talent and Commitment to founding and Support of State System of Higher Education...Board of Governors of the System,” January 1987 
Plaque: Wooden base with large handsome “ring-able” brass bell. To Governor Dick Thornburgh…by W. Wilson Goode on behalf of Philadelphia Port Corporation, January 12, 1987 
Plaque: To Governor Dick Thornburgh for leadership in field of victim assistance by Natl. Organization for Victim Assistance, 1980 156
Plaque: Dick Thornburgh, Governor, designated Honorary Trooper PA State Police “…unfailing support,” January 13, 1987 
Plaque: Richard L. Thornburgh, “…attention to needs of conservation and preservation of natural resources… Garden Club Federation,” 1987 
Plaque: Hon Dick Thornburgh…leadership in construction of Riverside Stadium and return of professional baseball to Harrisburg [Nice emblem of batter], April 11, 1987 
Plaque: Richard Lewis Thornburgh…outstanding support for Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council, 1987 
Plaque: From PA State Assn of Township Supervisors…a friend of township government whose work reflects our mutual belief that “the closer government is to the people, the more efficient that government will be,” April 13, 1987 
Plaque: PA Assoc for Adult Continuing Education PAACE… appreciation for leadership in Challenge of Adult Literacy and Passage of Act 143, undated 
Plaque: Military Order Purple Heart of United States Attorney…dedication and contributions toward improving care of PA veterans, 1986 
Plaque: Letter, from James A. Baker III…re leadership of 1986 State Government Savings Bonds Campaign, December 10, 1986 
Plaque: 1987 Entrepreneur of the Year by Arthur Young/VENTURE Magazine, Richard Lewis Thornburgh, 1987 
Plaque: Flat heavy metal piece, “First Heat, July 18-84” 157
Plaque: Bronze statue/sculpture by artist – but no ID, Policeman holding a child on a wooden base [event unknown] 
Plaque: Large wooden gavel with copper “label”: “presented to Governor by Matthew J. Ryan, Speaker of the House, November 30, 1982 
Gift: Barnabas “Hance Award,” Heavy etched glass on nice wooden base with copper plaque “Dick Thornburgh 1987” [Governor transition] 158
Cartoon: State Store Cartoon 159
Cartoon: Governor’s Mansion: Ginny Thornburgh not running for Governor 
Gift: Baseball caps , Italian American Police Officers and Mass. Assn. of Italian American Police Officers, Inc. 196H. [“1968” appears to be an historical reference] 
Award: HEAVY metal name plate:“Dick Thornburgh Governor” on wooden base, top edge reads: “Statue of Liberty Restoration.” Given by Carpenters Technology Corporation, Reading, PA, who participated in the restoration of Lady Liberty, 1985 160
Award: Boehm porcelain bald eagle head and stand; Treaty of Paris celebration, 1783-1983; Chamber of Commerce, Princeton area [Valuable! and FRAGILE], October 15, 1983 162
Gift: Phoenix Contact, Round black blown glass world globe commemorative paperweight. Gift commemorating 100th Anniversary of Phoenix Contact, Inc given on occasion of groundbreaking ceremony, July 1984 164
Gift: Fragile porcelain plate with stand in box from Sun Yun Suan, Premier, Republic of China 
Gift: Marble paperweight with seal of Yale University Timothy Dwight College, Chubb Fellow, November 7-8, 1985 
Gift: License Plate: PA 1 Presidential Inaugural [Portland], 1985 
Gift: License Plate: National Governors Association 75th Annual Meeting, “Thornburgh: Pennsylvania”, 1983 
Plaque: Glass triangular plaque on wooden base: “Keystone Citizenship Award” from PA Association of Broadcasters, 1986 
Gift: Medallion of Distinction, Framed coin on velvet University of Pittsburgh Bicentennial – 1787-1987 To Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh, February 23, 1988 167
Gift: Round metal plate with Mack Truck dog emblem rising from it, Governor Thornburgh, undated  172
Gift: Gold boxed Gideon Bible with gold lettering “Gideon Bible to Dick Thornburgh,” Presented by The Gideons 
Gift: Paul Harris Fellow Medal in velvet box, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, undated 
Gift: Silver Box, Governor Dick Thornburgh, [Honorary] Doctor of Law: Honoris Causa, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, May 4, 1983 
Gift: Pewter mug (dented and scratched), PA Gas Association, to Honorable Dick Thornburgh, May 11-13, 1983 
Gift: Crystal mounted clock, Governor Dick Thornburgh Thanks and Good Luck, Lawrence County Republicans, April 30, 1986 
Gift: Round silver tray, Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce, In appreciation, Governor Richard Thornburgh January 30, 1980 
Gift: Round porcelain plate, Governor Richard Thornburgh, To commemorate your visit to Charleroi, ‘Still the Magic City’ Charleroi Central Business District, Mayor Fred McLuckie and council members May 2, 1983 

Subseries  10. Institute of Politics 

Gifts: Two posters with seal of Dunster House, Harvard, inscribed Dick Thornburgh, and second one Virginia Thornburgh, 127
Certificate: Richard L. Thornburgh, Honorary West Virginian “in recognition of having demonstrated an expression of goodwill and respect for the people of the Mountain State and is therefore presented with this certificate of friendship” [Very decorative], November 3, 1987 
Gift: IOP Forum Posters [Complete set], June 1987 – July 1988 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Carnegie Mellon University [With framed citation], May 15, 1988 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Suffolk University [Degree and citation certificate], June 5, 1988 
Cartoon: Thornburgh for President Exploratory Committee 159
Cartoon: Crane with Elephant (Attorney General Dick Thornburgh) and Teamsters 
Certificate: Florida Tax Watch, seal of Florida, October 14, 1987 161
Plaque: Inscribed red medal wording: “Wm Penn Society at Gannon University, Erie, PA “Acknowledges Hon. Dick Thornburgh a distinguished Pennsylvanian who has Served the Commonwealth of PA with dedication and distinction” March 14, 1988 167

Subseries  11. Attorney General of United States 

Photo: Former Attorney General Meese with Attorney General Dick Thornburgh, Meese portrait unveiling event, July 25, 1991 1
Certificate: To Attorney General from men and women of the drug administration with narrative of drug bust, November 24, 1991 5
Gift: Autographed Department of Justice Seal, US Attorney for Northern District, Illinois [Gift to Attorney General when leaving office [Unframed, matted on foam] 12
Photograph: Large unframed matted photo Attorney General [nice] 
Photograph: Attorney General shaking hands with President Salinas of Mexico 
Photograph: Group in United States Attorney Office, Florida, Bob Genzman, United States Attorney 13
Photograph: Framed night view of Dept. of Justice and Capital given by United States Attorneys, “Presented to Thornburgh, Attorney General of U.S. ’89 – ’91; on behalf of the USAs and Executive Office for USAs with grateful appreciation for your support and leadership during your tenure as Attorney General of United States of America” 14
Photograph: Framed with poem from Brock Brauer (Attorney General’s speech writer) [humorous celebration poem “.... infield play”] 15
Photo Album: US Border Patrol, San Diego sector of the INS [includes some great ones, oversized in color], October 25, 1988 16
Gift: Small US flag with stand and hardware. Scout Salute – Allegheny/Lunch-o-ree; Thornburgh Keynote Speaker, June 21, 1990 17
Photograph: Attorney General Dick Thornburgh at mike on steps of Supreme Court Building surrounded by reporters [Great and significant image! Very large, foam backed], November 2, 1988 28
Certificate: President Reagan appoints Thornburgh to ACIR [Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations], September 13, 1988 29
Photograph of President GHW Bush and Attorney General Thornburgh, Informal by fireplace in Oval Office [Nice!] 30
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, University of Scranton [citation included], June 14, 1990 31
Certificate: California Assembly Resolution, June 14, 1990 32
Award: Agudath Israel 1991 Humanitarian Award, May 12, 1991 33
Award: Gold Medal to Attorney General from PA Association of Broadcasters [Glass obelisk on base], October 14, 1990 35
Plaque: SEA, October 19, 1988 36
Certificate: Commendation from Dade County, Florida, to Distinguished Visitor Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General of the United States [Framed], October 24, 1990 38
Award: Bob Hope 5-Star Civilian Award from Valley Forge Military Academy and Junior College to Honorable Dick Thornburgh for Distinguished Service to the United States of America [framed], May 7, 1989 39
Award: Kansas City Honorary Citizen, October 24, 1990 40
Award: Man, Woman and Child Statue to Attorney General for the “Pro-family policies of the United States Justice Department, Knights of Columbus Public Forum, Hollywood, California [brass statuette on wooden base], February 9, 1991 42
Gift: Congressional Fire Services Institute: To Thornburgh for service to men and women of the American Fire and Emergency Services, 3rd Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner, Washington, D.C. [Metal megaphone and Separate wooden base, together as OS 43], April 30, 1991 43
Plaque: “To Thornburgh in appreciation for all your efforts and active support for the work of the Division. Environment and Natural Resources Division, [Large wooden “slice”from tree trunk], August 15, 1991 48
Award: Framed engraved on metal etching of University of Pittsburgh School of Law, awarded on occasion of Caplan Lecture at School of Law, April 3, 1990  52
Photograph: Attorney General in classroom at teacher’s desk with kids in front [Large, foam backed] 117
Photograph: Attorney General at teacher’s desk with blackboard with his name behind him [Large, foam backed] 
Photograph: Attorney General close up – DOJ seal partially behind him, no glasses, good picture [Large, foam backed] 
Photograph: Attorney General with Stanley Cup Penguins shirt [Large, foam backed] 
Photograph: Attorney General with DOJ Seal, at podium speaking, with President GHW Bush looking on. [When newly elected President Bush reappointed Thornburgh Attorney General; excellent photo- large], November 21, 1988 118
Gift: Pastel drawing of Dick Thornburgh arguing Payne v. Tennessee before Supreme Court, by Carole Kabrin, ABC News [Thornburgh without glasses, Supreme Court Justice in background], April 24, 1991 122
Flag: Handsome DOJ flag (c. 2’ x 3.5’) given as parting gift by Attorney General Staff, 1991 123
Flag: Huge fringed flag, most likely to be for flag pole: c. 6’ x 4’. Handsome. Royal blue background. From US Attorneys to Attorney General. Flagpole finial and gold cord included 
Photograph: Color photograph of Attorney General Thornburgh with Martin Lee, (Hong Kong connection) 124
Photograph: Color photograph of Dick and Ginny Thornburgh and John and Janet Ashcroft (former Attorney General) 
Photograph: Color photograph of Attorney General Thornburgh with Paul O’Neill, Ex-Alcoa CEO and U.S. Treasury Secretary, from Pittsburgh 
Photograph: Color photograph of Ken Starr, AG DT, and Robert Fiske. Starr was Solicitor General when DT was AG. Fiske a noted litigator 
Photograph: Color photograph of DT with Louis Freeh, 10th Director of the FBI 
Certificate: Attorney General flew on Air Force One, from President Bush, March 22, 1989 127
Award: Conference of Chief Justices, Resolution of Appreciation to Attorney General [Leather cover], August 16, 1990 
Gift: Christmas cards to Ginny and Dick Thornburgh from President and Mrs. Bush [oversized, autographed, handsome], 1989-1991 
Honorary Degree: Franklin Marshall College, Doctor of Humane Letters, October 20, 1988 130
Honorary Degree: George Washington University, National Law Center, Doctor of Laws, May 21, 1989 
Honorary Degree: Catholic University of America, Doctor of Laws, May 26, 1990 
Stamps: Leather Folders enclosing full page of first issue stamps, with accompanying letter from Postmaster General, Anthony M. Frank, to Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General, 1988, partial 1989 132
Stamps: Leather Folders enclosing full page of first issue stamps, with accompanying letter from Postmaster General, Anthony M. Frank, to Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General, 1989 and 1990 133
Stamps: Leather Folders enclosing full page of first issue stamps, with accompanying letter from Postmaster General, Anthony M. Frank, to Richard Thornburgh, Attorney General, Partial 1990, 1991 134
Plaque: Pennsylvanians vs. Pornography , Recognizes service of Richard Thornburgh as US Attorney General and his commitment to upholding the obscenity laws: RAAP Conference, October 1989 159
Award: Flat Etched Glass award on wooden base (c.8”x6”): “Proclaiming and Protecting Human Dignity – Dick Thornburgh – National Leadership Award. From The Religious Alliance Against Pornography [Flame of Compassion also etched on the glass], 1991 
Photograph: Attorney General with Assistant Attorneys General in Conference Room, 161
Gift: Photograph of Attorney General Dick Thornburgh seated in front row, with United States Attorney’s Office attorneys, Pittsburgh 
Gift: Framed pencil sketch of Dick Thornburgh, “Paris, Affaire Maamar – Assises Speciale” [Dick Thornburgh was present in courtroom at the time], December 1989 
Plaque: Clock on plaque to Dick Thornburgh US Attorney General in appreciation for leadership and friendship, from Federal Bureau of Prisons [nice] 162
Gift: Incredibly heavy large [long] carved marble name plate with lettering in gold script: “Dick Thornburgh, U.S. Attorney General” [Very distinguished] 163
Gift: DOJ United States Attorney Office, Northern District of Ohio [paper weight] 
Plaque: DOJ Postal Inspection Service to Attorney General [handsome looking with stamps] 
Plaque: From United States Attorneys to Attorney General [handsome night photo of DOJ] 
Plaque: From Men and Women of offices of United States Attorneys for “outstanding support of law enforcement”,  August 15, 1991 164
Plaque: Outstanding Citizens Award to Dick Thornburgh “…outstanding contributions to your profession and the community” Palo Alto Jaycees, March 23, 1990 167
Plaque: “In Recognition of a Long Time Friend” United States Attorney General Richard Thornburgh Pennsylvania Easter Seal Society, “Providing the Power to Overcome/ Serving Persons with Disabilities”, November 1990 
Award: Upright etched glass rectangle on wooden base National Government Leaders Against Drunk Driving Award To Honorable Dick Thornburgh, Department of Justice By MADD, February 19, 1991 168
Award: Vertical etched glass illuminated plinth on wooden base, handsome; National Foundation for People with Disabilities Mentor Award, Presented to Attorney General Dick Thornburgh for his wise counsel Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990 1991 
Award: Brass Gold Apple Award to Dick Thornburgh, Attorney General of the U.S. a great friend of literacy Freedom to Read Conference, Ottawa, CA [“golden apple” in clear cube on wooden base], October 14-17, 1990 
Gift: Heavy brass bust of Lincoln on marble base Honorable Dick Thornburgh, Attorney General of the United States; The Lincoln Club of Orange County, June 23, 1990 
Plaque: The Dole Foundation for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities Recognizes United States Attorney General Richard L. Thornburgh “whose vision of equality under the law includes equal rights for all people with disabilities and whose wisdom and guidance have been crucial in paving the way for a more free and just society for people with disabilities with deep appreciation for outstanding leadership and commitment in the development and passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act,” July 25, 1991 
Plaque: To Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh from National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Event: Dedication of Midby-Byron National Center for Judicial Education; Reno, Nevada, November 9, 1990 169
Plaque: To Dick L. Thornburgh; Kent County Citizens with Disabilities, The Grand Rapids Center for Independent Living, Grand Rapids, Michigan; “In appreciation for his personal support and diligent efforts in helping to secure the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, October 18, 1990 
Plaque: To Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh, Man of the Year in Government, “For dedicated Service and Outstanding Achievements” by Allegheny County League of Women Voters, April 17, 1990 
Plaque: From Illinois States’ Attorneys Association Honorable Dick Thornburgh Honorary Member, undated 
Plaque: Dick Thornburgh “Statesman of Justice”; The Americans With Disabilities Act Award “43 Million Americans with Disabilities congratulate Attorney General Dick Thornburgh on his historic statesmanship for the enactment of The World’s First Comprehensive Civil Rights Law for People with Disabilities Task Force on the Rights and Empowerments of Americans with Disabilities, October 12, 1990 
Plaque: Richard Thornburgh, United States Attorney General, 19th Annual Law Day, Montgomery County Bar Association; Montgomery, Alabama, May 2, 1991 
Plaque: Texas Police Association to Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh United States Attorney General “In honor of your generosity to and support of the Texas Police Association during its 90th Anniversary Conference and Seminar in Fort Worth, Texas,” June 11-14, 1989 
Plaque: National Sheriffs’ Association Honorary Life Membership “…in the Advancement of Progressive Law Enforcement” [Handsome wooden plaque with incised lettering], June 26, 1990 
Plaque: University of Louisville School of Law, Brandeis Lecture, To Dick Thornburgh, October 2, 1990 170
Plaque: To Dick Thornburgh, United States Attorney General “…Contributions to municipal law enforcement” The California Police Chiefs Association 1991 Annual Conference, February 4, 1991 
Plaque: To Dick Thornburgh, Attorney General of United States “In recognition of outstanding leadership” Hillsborough County Bar Association, November 8, 1990 
Plaque: Ohio State University College of Law To Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh, Hooding Speaker, Spring 1990 
Plaque: To Richard Thornburgh Attorney General of the United States, “…Dedication to the Enforcement of the Law and To a Safe Environment for All Persons and for your support of Memphis Area Neighborhood Watch, Inc.” 
Award: Engraved glass award, National Conference of Christians and Jews Defender of Justice Award “For Distinguished Civic Service” to Honorable Dick Thornburgh [HEAVY and quite handsome], August 20, 1990 
Award: Cube on base; From Citizens Crime Committee of Delaware Valley to Dick Thornburgh United States Attorney General, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, May 1, 1991 

Subseries  12. United Nations Under-Secretary General 

Plaque: Small (c. 6: x 5) shield shaped wooden plaque: Class of ’32 award to RLT ’50; 10/17/92: Mercersburg Academy Emblem: “Service, achievement, character” 161
Plaque: Duquesne Univ. International Affairs Council, “recognition of distinguished public service”, January 19, 1993 

Subseries  13. Ongoing Career 

Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Shippensburg University, May 7, 1994 6
Certificate: Santa Rosa “Dick Thornburgh Day” “Thornburgh becomes a cornerstone in the history of the fight for the total inclusion of all people in every segment of society…” [Framed certificate and plaque with Rotary International Seal], April 8, 1997 11
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Richard L. Thornburgh, Grove City College [Framed degree and hood], May 17, 2003 45
Award: Santa Rosa, CA. Framed with gold seal from California Legislature, Independent Living Legacy Award from Community Resources for Independence to Dick and Ginny Thornburgh…”for their advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities in California and throughout the nation,” [Handsome looking. Many Whereas’…re their accomplishments], May 7, 2004 46
Award: Millersville University 150th Anniversary Medallion to The Honorable Richard Thornburgh “Recognizing extraordinary leadership and commitment to public higher education and societal issues.” [Framed medallion on yellow ribbon with engraved brass plaque with the above wording. Decorative item] [For his role in signing the 1983 law that created the State System of Higher Education], September 10, 2004 51
Plaque: The ARC Pennsylvania Award to Dick Thornburgh and Ginny Thornburgh [etching of family], June 1999 58
Plaque: From Senator Heinz & The Urban League of Pittsburgh to Dick Thornburgh [art work], January 15, 1998 59
Award: Chief Judge Damich, Court of Federal Claims to Dick Thornburgh, appointing honorary membership, November 4, 2005 65
Award: Distinguished Alumni Fellow Award for Dick Thornburgh, University of Pittsburgh School of Law, February 24, 2006 68
Plaque: Appreciation, from The Christian Council of Korea to Dick Thornburgh [pretty Oriental Frame], 2005 69
Deed: Original Deed of Gift of Thornburgh Collection to University of Pittsburgh, [framed] Signed by: Dick Thornburgh, Mark A. Nordenberg, and Rush A. Miller, March 27, 1998 118
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Tiffin University [Framed], May 8, 1993 128
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Defiance College, May 7, 1995 
Certificate: University of Pittsburgh, Omicron Delta Kappa Society “outstanding American who has exemplified the ideals of ODKA”, March 23, 1996 129
Certificate: State of Alabama, Governor’s Office, naming Dick Thornburgh, Honorary Citizen of Alabama, April 11, 1997 
Proclamation: City of Santa Rosa, CA, to Dick and Ginny Thornburgh, Independent Living Legacy Award for …”their tireless efforts…for persons with disabilities…”, May 5, 2004 
Honorary Degree: Clarion University of Pa, Doctor of Public Service, May 14, 1994 130
Plaque: Ohio Attorney General’s 1995 Conference on Law Enforcement, “gratitude for support and involvement in.....conference,” October 5, 1995 160
Plaque: Special Olympics – Dick Thornburgh Governor who initiated the games in 1981; XV anniversary [Big plaque with gold bell protruding], 1981-1996 
Award: Round 6” heavy medal: XXIX World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh: David Glick Award to Dick Thornburgh, June 15, 1993 161
Plaque: APSCUF, Richard Thornburgh “Recognition of distinguished contributions to cause of public higher education in PA” [handsome], April 21, 1995 
Plaque: Massachusetts Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities: “Gratitude for unwavering commitment to ADA & civil and human rights of persons with disabilities,” 1995 
Plaque: From Rotary International, Santa Rosa & others: “In appreciation for advocacy to create a just and barrier free society for all people.” [See OS 11], April 8, 1997 
Plaque: Bronze hammered image of Cathedral of Learning, Commissioned by Chancellor of University of Pittsburgh 162
Award: Combination Lock Bank October 1998 
Gift: Clock given on occasion of awarding Honorary Degree to Dick Thornburgh by Clarion University of PA, May 14, 1994  164
Gift: T-shirt: “TMI Alumni Association,” from PA DER, [20 yr “anniversary”], January 11, 1999 
Plaque: Richard L. Thornburgh: presented for exceptional contributions to World Peace and Mutual Understanding between Korea and U.S. Korean Alumni Association, University of Pittsburgh, 1995 
Plaque: ASME INTERNATIONAL, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers “Certificate of Appreciation to Hon Dick Thornburgh, Roy V. Wright Lecturer, In recognition of his leadership in encouraging all engineers to discharge the duties, responsibilities and privileges of citizenship in our democracy” [Glass surface], 2002 166
Plaque: In Esteem and Appreciation To Hon Richard Thornburgh “As keynote speaker at our 15th Annual Meeting you helped focus public attention on the work of NCCG. Your advocacy for Americans with disabilities, deepened by love and experience, is an inspiration to all of us.” North Coast Community Homes, December 5, 2000 
Plaque: To Dick Thornburgh “With sincere appreciation for your lifelong dedication to public service,” NASP, Subrogation 2001: Improving the Odds, November 12, 2001 
Award: Humanitarian Award presented to Richard L. Thornburgh, “Who has, in the true spirit of The Syria Shrine, embodied the virtue of public and humanitarian service, and who has worked tirelessly and selflessly for the people of Western Pennsylvania, the residents of this Commonwealth and the citizens of the United States of America,” Syria Shrine, February 16, 2002 
Award: VOLAR Champion Award (Volar Center for Independent Living) Americans with Disabilities Act Governor. Dick Thornburgh; El Paso, Texas, July 23, 2004 
Gift: Engraved round bronze plate (c. 8”). Back: To Richard L. Thornburgh, Franklin Area Chamber of Commerce, “In grateful appreciation for your address at our annual dinner.” [Front: Building], April 4, 1995 
Gift: Rotary Club of San Juan Puerto Rico; Round (3”) metal medallion/paperweight 
Plaque: With metal duplicate of Announcement card regarding Governor’s return To Kirkpatrick & Lockhart to practice law [Metal pitted], February 1, 1987 167
Plaque: University of Pittsburgh School of Law Commencement Speaker [Glass standing curved, etched “plaque” with University seal], May 23, 1998 171
Plaque: Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors’ International Bridge Award to The Honorable Dick Thornburgh “in recognition of his efforts to build bridges between Western Pennsylvania and the World,” [Etched glass “plaque” with curved top, in wooden base] April 23, 2005 
Plaque: “AARP Thanks Dick Thornburgh for Distinguished Leadership ‘16 Candles for the ADA’ AARP Disability Interest Resource Group Launch, Washington D.C.”, July 27, 2006 
Plaque: Loyola University College of Law Commencement Speaker,[Plaque has photograph of Dick Thornburgh speaking], May 16, 2007 
Gift: Round metal plate: Front: Picture of Harbison Chapel, Grove City College, Back: Hon. Dick Thornburgh, Installation Speaker, Inauguration of Richard G. Jewell ’67, J.D., Eighth President of Grove City College,[brass c. 10” diameter, with stand], November 15, 2003 
Award: Distinguished Alumni Fellow Award from University of Pittsburgh Round metal on ribbon with University seal on front Inscribed “Distinguished Alumni Fellow” Back: The Honorable Richard L. Thornburgh, Law ‘57, February 24, 2006 
Award: Neighborhood Legal Services Association (HLSA) to Richard L. Thornburg [h missing]: “In recognition and appreciation for your deep commitment to the principle of Equal Justice Under Law NLSA 40th Anniversary, [Etched glass], April 28, 2006 
Award: Saint Vincent College Presidential Medal of Honor Dick Thornburgh [Large pewter looking medal on blue/white ribbon], May 7, 2003 

Subseries  14. Ginny Thornburgh 

Plaque: Pittsburgh Jaycees, naming Virginia Thornburgh 1974 Human Relations Woman of the Year [picture of Point, and Ginny], January 26, 1975 24
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Public Service, Chatham College, “for her advocacy and work for rights and access for persons with disabilities.” [Framed degree and hood], August 17, 2002 44
Plaque: Appreciation from The Christian Council of Korea to Ginny Thornburgh [pretty Oriental Frame], 2005 70
Certificate: To Mrs. Virginia Thornburgh, Community Services Award (CSP) “…leadership in health and welfare…”, May 18, 1973 85
Proclamation: To Ginny Thornburgh, from Forbes Hospice, “…exemplary care, compassion…”, May 5, 1986 87
Award: Tribute to Ginny Thornburgh by National Youth Aliyah Committee for Hadassah, “…promoted public awareness of needs of special children…”, June 7, 1983 88
Cartoon: Ginny Thornburgh “Kids Need Heroes” Cartoon, Child Guidance Center [leaving Governorship], 1987 121
Photograph: Ginny Thornburgh in class interacting with children. 122
Certificate: Appreciation for “generosity and service in promoting objectives of...” National Secretaries Association, February 11, 1974 125
Certificate: PA Committee on International Year of the Child, 1979 
Certificate: National Exhibits by Blind Artists…Award for Exemplary Leadership in work with handicapped to Ginny Thornburgh, September 16, 1979 
Resolution: Commendation by Commonwealth of PA State Board of Education, March 11, 1982 
Citation: Montgomery County Community College Presidential Citation, June 4, 1982 
Certificate: Appreciation by Shriners Hospitals for Crippled Children, “for the personal interest shown in the welfare of our little patients,” April 19, 1983 
Certificate: PA Hospice Network, In recognition and appreciation of “outstanding commitment to the hospice concept and unyielding encouragement to hospice staff and volunteers”, October 3, 1985 
Certificate: Easter Seal Society of Allegheny County 50th Anniversary State Golden Lily Award, October 8, 1985 
Certificate: Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Appreciation of unique contribution, January 24, 1986 
Certificate: Named a Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, Undated 
Proclamation: Gold Seal Proclamation by Governor Dick Thornburgh to Ginny Thornburgh honoring her birthday, January 7, 1980 
Degree: Harvard University Master’s Degree in Education Virginia Judson [Framed], 1962 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Elizabethtown College, May 9, 1981 128
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Dickinson School of Law [with citation and program], May 31, 1986 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Mansfield State College, May 23, 1981 131
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Wilson College, May 1, 1981 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws, Wheaton College, May 30, 1981 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Cabrini College, May 15, 1983 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Humane Letters, Cedar Crest College, May 22, 1983 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Public Service, Westminster College, April 17, 1994 
Honorary Degree: Doctor of Public Service, Clarion University, May 13, 2000 
Plaque: Juvenile Judges Commission Chairman’s Award to Ginny Thornburgh, “for your support to the children of PA, October 13, 1983 142
Plaque: PENNHURST CENTER June 30, 1986…[Piece of stone attached] “A little piece of Pennhurst to cherish forever” to Ginny Thornburgh, …recognition of contribution to Pennhurst’s History of Service, Jan. 20, 1987 156
Award: United Mental Health Agency Award “for distinction in field of mental retardation as an Advocate and educator on behalf of mentally Retarded citizens of Allegheny County," June 2, 1975 173
Plaque: National Assn of Social Workers distinguished service award, June 4, 1980 174
Plaque: Dorothea Lynde Dix Humanitarian Award, service to the handicapped, November 12, 1980 
Plaque: PA Special Olympics award to Ginny and Dick Thornburgh [photo of them with Peter], 1982 
Plaque: Barber Center Appreciation Award to Ginny and Dick Thornburgh for interest and concern for retarded citizens, 1952-1982 
Plaque: Harcum Junior College Commencement Speaker, May 14, 1983 
Plaque: AAOP Keystone Award for leadership role in improvement of services to chemically dependent citizens, 1983  
Plaque: Distinguished Volunteer Leadership Award for leadership in the fight against birth defects, by March of Dimes 
Plaque: JFK Memorial Award to Ginny Thornburgh in recognition of her significant contributions to Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Movement in America; The Board of Directors of the Northeast Community Center for MH/MR, April 22, 1979 175
Plaque: Association of Retarded Citizens award for generous support 
Plaque: Recognition for meritorious service and personal commitment to clients and staff of Ebensburg Center 
Plaque: Vision Thru Art Award in deep appreciation of her commitment to promoting art for the blind and sighted, April 28, 1985 
Plaque: Bucks County Assn. for Retarded Citizens award for continuing efforts in expanding life opportunities for the developmentally disabled, June 28, 1980 
Plaque: American Academy of Pediatrics award for support and help implementing initiatives of the “Speak up for Children” program, December 1979 
Plaque: American Association on Mental Deficiency Region IX Leadership Award Presented to Ginny Thornburgh, October 22, 1982 
Plaque: ORT social assistance award, February 21, 1973 176
Plaque: Three Rivers Youth award for 6 years of dedicated service on Board of Directors 
Plaque: Neighborhood Day Care Centers for your continuous support 
Plaque: Westmoreland County Special Olympics award for outstanding efforts on their behalf, 1982 
Plaque: PA Psychological Assoc public service award for outstanding contributions to human welfare, June 19, 1979 
Plaque: In appreciation for participation in WHP Station birthday, Hershey Park, PA, May 28, 1979 
Plaque: YMCA Camp, for participation in annual meeting, and recognitions of intention to underwrite in her name sending underprivileged youngsters to the camp, May 16, 1979  
Plaque: Certificate of appreciation to Ginny Thornburgh for outstanding service to Volunteers of American, April 5, 1980 
Plaque: Lee Hospital Award, October 19, 1984 177
Plaque: Disabled American Veterans award for outstanding dedication to the needs of disabled and handicapped persons, June 19, 1984 
Plaque: County Treasurer’s Association for outstanding message as speaker, June 17, 1983 
Plaque: Veterans award to outstanding and dedicated service to children and youth programs, March 1983 
Plaque: United Negro College fund award in recognition of dedicated service in meeting needs of special children and in unselfish time and talent given for betterment of the community, January 29, 1982 
Plaque: National Society for Autistic children award for uncommon sensitivity, courage, and dignity in providing example and encouragement for advocates for developmentally disabled people, 1981 
Plaque: ACLU award honoring outstanding dedication to rights of mentally retarded, December 12, 1979 
Plaque: Committee to Combat Huntington’s Disease award for one who inspires through devotion, May 15, 1981 178
Plaque: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority award to first lady at health happening fair, 1981 
Plaque: Veterans Administration for outstanding service and recognition of needs of the handicapped, May 15, 1981 
Plaque: PA Council of Administrators of Special Education recognition for 8 years of commitment and dedication to exception children as PA’s first lady, November 3, 1986 
Plaque: Shippensburg University in recognition of distinguished achievement and personal service for the benefit of the citizens of the commonwealth, May 19, 1986 
Plaque: Governor’s Committee on Employment for the Handicapped [Metal plate with wording loose from the wooden backing], November 6, 1985 
Plaque: Presented to Ginny Thornburgh by the, Vocational Rehabilitation Center in recognition of long and dedicated record, and as an advocate for the rights of Disabled people, January 26, 1983 179
Plaque: Juvenile Law Award, in recognition and appreciation of the significant contributions rendered by Virginia Judson Thornburgh to the field of juvenile justice and child welfare in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Juvenile Law Committee, the Allegheny County Bar Association, Pittsburgh, PA, Richard S. Levine, Chairperson, 1986 
Plaque: Resolution from PA Federation of Women’s Clubs to Ginny Thornburgh, and electing her to honorary membership, May 19, 1984 
Plaque: Presented to Ginny Thornburgh by Women’s American ORT, Philadelphia Region [clear plaque], 1985 
Plaque: Small round plaque on base: Thanks to Ginny Thornburgh, LARC, Inc. [Partners in Rehabilitation] 
Award: To Ginny Thornburgh Outstanding volunteer [small item on clear base with etched dove] 
Award: Small heavy steel beam: Ginny Thornburgh Member of BIG SHOP PRIDE TEAM, Homestead Works, [similar given to Governor], 1980 
Award: J.C. Penny Golden Rule Award to Ginny Thornburgh [marble base with “brass” vertical emblem], 
Award: Virginia Thornburgh, Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, Named a Paul Harris Fellow “in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations between peoples of the world, undated 180
Award: Paul Harris Medal in blue velvet box with colored ribbon 
Award: Inglis House Disability Awareness Award, Presented to Ginny Thornburgh “in recognition of her outstanding accomplishments which promote greater public understanding and awareness of the needs and abilities of persons with physical disabilities” INGLIS HOUSE, a WHEELCHAIR COMMUNITY, October 16, 1996 
Award: Seal of U.S. President’s Committee on Mental Retardation Award Metal plate: Virginia J. Thornburgh, Committee Member, 1982-1987 
Plaque: Pennsylvania Special Olympics, To “Special Friend Virginia Thornburgh,” “Too often the mentally challenged are told ‘you can’t do it.’ Special Olympics says ‘you can do it.’ All you need is a chance. Thank you for giving that chance to the Special Olympians of Pennsylvania.” 
Plaque: The Martin Luther Home Society Board of Directors Honors “Ginny Thornburgh Person of the Year for 1996, In recognition of dedicated leadership and caring as a parent, writer, speaker, and advocate for persons with disabilities” Seal at the bottom: “LOVE, HOPE, CARING, LEADERSHIP,” 1996 
Plaque: Inscribed metal plate, “It’s all about community! Learning from people with mental retardation” Award presented to Ginny Thornburgh by National Organization on Disabilities, “For inspiring us to move From Barriers to Bridges That All May Worship” Philadelphia Office of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, October 22, 1996 
Plaque: PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE COMMITTEE ON DISABILITY KAY ARNESON AWARD to GINNY THORNBURGH, “for pioneer efforts to increase public awareness of the architectural communication, and attitudinal barriers that limit the handicapped to worship and to encourage congregational action to remove such obstacles. She has led a Religion and Disability crusade by speaking, writing and inspiring personal example,” David A. Waugh, Chairman [Blue metal inscribed plate edged in gold], June 5, 1998 
Certificate: WE HEREBY EXPRESS OUR SINCERE APPRECIATION TO Ginny Thornburgh For Her commitment to the Independent Living Movement Awarded at the RLI Center Awards Luncheon, [In leather folder with color decoration of pine branches and cones], November 9, 1990 
Certificate: Girl Scouts, Mrs. Ginny Thornburgh “is a Lifetime Member of the Girl Scout Movement in the United States and is entitled to all the benefits of Lifetime Membership, March 27, 1991 
Award: Shippensburg University, Women’s Political Summit “Recognizing Women Who Improve The Lives of Pennsylvanians Through Public Service” Pi Sigma Alpha Theta Gamma Chapter, March 26-27, 2002 181
Award: Opportunity Award [Stained glass plaque with stand, Jesus with people around him], 1998  
Award: Virginia J. Thornburgh, Sevier McCahill Award for outstanding service to youth with disabilities; presented by Disabilities International Foundation [Silver plated Oneida Revere Bowl], 1998 
Award: The Raker Memorial Award with wooden stand; On Back: Ginny Thornburgh, Washington, D.C. [Round metal medallion on ribbon], March 22, 1990 
Award: Helen Homans Gilbert Award for Distinguished Volunteer Service presented to Virginia Judson Thornburgh by Radcliffe College, [Press release and extended writing on certificate; Handsome lettered parchment document in leather case], May 12, 1989 
Award: “The Americans With Disabilities Act Award The Task Force on the Rights and Empowerment of Americans with Disabilities Congratulates Ginny Thornburgh On her Historic Contributions to the enactment of The World’s First Comprehensive Civil Rights Law for People with Disabilities,” October 12, 1990 
Plaque: Presented by Edith R. Rudolphy Residence for the Blind to Ginny Thornburgh for unselfish support in the construction of the sheltered workshop for the blind. Dedication Day [Wood backed bronze plate, boxed],  October 22, 1987 

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