Historic Pittsburgh comprises a variety of primary and secondary sources from multiple partners about the greater Pittsburgh region, including a wide range of publications, maps, manuscripts, visual images, and audio-video materials, that support personal and scholarly research.

G.M. Hopkins Company Maps

Contains 46 volumes that show lot and block numbers, dimensions, street widths, names of property owners, churches, cemeteries, mills, schools, roads, railroads, lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams.

Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

George Westinghouse Museum Collection

Visual images from the George Westinghouse Museum between the 1860s-1990s that include images of facilities, products and employees of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation and Westinghouse Air Brake Company; George Westinghouse and his family; KDKA facilities and performers; World’s Fair exhibitions; and the Wilmerding, Pennsylvania area.

Contributor: Detre Library & Archives, Heinz History Center

Greenstone United Methodist Church, Avalon, Pa. Records

Records of Greenstone United Methodist Church (formerly Bellevue Methodist Episcopal Church) in Avalon, Pa., including records of the pastors, members, deaths, births, marriages, and baptisms (1810-1983).

Contributor: University of Pittsburgh

Gulf Oil Corporation Records

Visual images of the Gulf Oil Corporation Records, dating between 1860s-1980s, which include Gulf Oil’s research facilities, promotional activities, and drilling operations.

Contributor: Detre Library & Archives, Heinz History Center