William M. Darlington Collection of Fort Pitt Copybooks

What's online?

The entire collection is scanned and online.

What’s in the entire collection?

The first volume contains information about the trading of goods at Fort Pitt between 1752 and 1782. William M. Darlington used this volume to copy records from various sources in the mid-nineteenth century. The volume is in no particular sequential order nor does it include a citation of sources. Included among these records are letters about events at Fort Pitt, along with pages of transactions. One page contains a list of payments made with the name of customers and goods purchased. Darlington was also interested in ornithology and a portion of the journal is dedicated to bird sightings in Allegheny County. The second volume contains a list of names of some inhabitants of Fort Pitt during the mid to late eighteenth century. The business transactions in the second volume are more voluminous and detailed than in the first.

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