Oakmont Historical Image Collection

What's online?

The core of the Oakmont Historical Image Collection is made up of more than 1,000 photographs, postcards, and other images owned by the Oakmont Carnegie Library Archives. However, in the interest of providing the most complete photographic record of Oakmont and the surrounding area, some photographs included in this project have been provided by various local businesses and organizations as well as private collectors.

What's in the entire collection?

The Oakmont Carnegie Library Archives currently holds not only the photographs that make up the Oakmont Historical Image Collection, but also documents and memorabilia from Oakmont and the surrounding area. The Oakmont Carnegie Library Archives is comprised of the Oakmont Historical Image Collection, the Cooper Collection of glass plate negatives, the Oakmont Carnegie Library Collection, the Oakmont Historical Collection, and the Margaret Bailey Collection.

The Oakmont Historical Image Collection was started in 1989, and contains around 1,000 photographs and other images, such as postcards, dating back to the 1870s. The Cooper Collection, recently acquired by the library, consists of 80 glass plate negatives taken by Dr. W.H. Cooper, Oakmont physician, circa 1900. The Oakmont Carnegie Library Collection consists of documents and artifacts relating to the history of the Oakmont Carnegie Library. The Oakmont Historical Collection consists of maps, deeds, blueprints, newspapers, and other documents and artifacts relating to the history of Oakmont and surrounding areas. The Margaret Bailey Collection consists of books, photographs, artifacts, and other documents relating to the Bailey family of Oakmont from the latter half of the 19th century to the 1980s. The resources found in the Oakmont Carnegie Library Archives are made available to the public by appointment.

About the Oakmont Carnegie Library

In 1899, Oakmont resident L.M. Morris requested funding for a town library from his cousin, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie gave $20,000 to the town of Oakmont for this purpose, and the Oakmont Carnegie Library opened in 1901. Since this time, the library has been dedicated to serving the residents of Oakmont and the surrounding communities. A dramatic renovation and expansion of the original space in 2005 has increased our ability to serve the community. The Oakmont Carnegie Library is a member of the Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA). The mission of the Oakmont Carnegie Library is to enrich the community through lifelong learning, creativity, and recreation. We envision the Oakmont Carnegie Library as a welcoming community hub of intellectual, leisure and technological resources and educational programs for residents of all ages. We are located at 700 Allegheny River Boulevard, Oakmont, PA, 15139. Our phone number is 412-828-9532, and our website is www.oakmontlibrary.org.

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