James Veech Copybook of the General William Irvine Papers

What's online?

The entire collection is scanned and online.

What’s in the entire collection?

The collection consists of a single bound volume containing copies of extracts from Brigadier General William Irvine’s book and papers. The copies were created by James Veech in 1859. The volume is comprised of three sections. The first section, dating between 1778 and 1780, consists of memoranda and extracts from the orderly book General Lachlan McIntosh and Colonel David Brodhead. The second section consists of copies of letters addressed to and from General William Irvine, as well as summaries of orders he issued and courts-martial he presided over during 1781 to 1783, his time as commander of Fort Pitt in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The third section contains miscellaneous letters and memoranda from the Irvine papers dating from 1778 to 1792. All of the materials in the sections are in chronological order. It is difficult to determine to what degree the section of Irvine’s correspondence during his command at Fort Pitt is complete. A large part of the section detailing Irvine’s command at Fort Pitt consists of summaries of orders issued.

About General William Irvine

Brigadier General William Irvine commanded Fort Pitt in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from November 6, 1781 to September 30, 1783.

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