Greenstone United Methodist Church, Avalon, Pa. Records

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This collection contains the records of Bellevue Methodist Episcopal Church, Avalon, Pa., 1810-1983. It contains records of the pastors, members, deaths, births, marriages, and baptisms.


Bellevue Methodist Episcopal Church was one of the earliest Methodist Episcopal churches in Western Pennsylvania, tracing its origin to about 1813 when a log house was constructed for worship on Maryland and Quail Avenues in Bellevue. The church was later established on Troy Hill, then at Jack's Run, and finally on California Avenue, on Pittsburgh's North Side, where it has been known as Bellevue United Methodist Church and also as Greenstone United Methodist Church because of the green stone and red tile materials used to construct the church. After 1931, a revolving lighted cross was placed on top of the church.

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