Aerial Photographs of Pittsburgh

What’s online?

The Aerial Photographs of Pittsburgh online collection contains images from 1923 through 1937 showing Downtown, Mount Washington, the North Side, the Point, Oakland, and Homestead, Pennsylvania. Images were selected for their impressive views of the Pittsburgh area as well as for some of the industrial locations shown.

What’s in the entire collection?

The collection, held by the Archives Service Center (ASC) at the University of Pittsburgh, contains 137 aerial views of Pittsburgh and its surrounding communities taken between 1923 through 1937. It features views of the South Side, the Strip District, the Hill District, and the Bluff, as well as photographs of the Byers Family Estate, WAEG radio station, the Allegheny County Municipal Airport, and many manufacturing plants. Many of the photographs show landmarks that no longer exist such as the Jones and Laughlin steel mill, Pitt Stadium, and Forbes Field, as well as sites of present day landmarks such as the Koppers Building, the Gulf Building, and the Cathedral of Learning before and during their construction. Images of the 1937 Ohio River Flood, Bettis Airfield, and Rogers Airfield are also included. Additionally, there are two images of New Kensington, Pennsylvania.

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